Little People/Big World

Botanical Lay Flat Series


Graduation Cover 2021

Me and Myself

Man and Nature

Pop Art Portrait Series of 4

Public and Private Self Portrait

Senior Portrait Sitting

Landscape Oil Paint

Emotion Photo Series

Sandy Skoglund

Writing Critique : This is one of Sandy Skoglund’s work of art. I think she’s a creative woman with creative potential in her work. I think she speaks on contrast with the background and the object of it. It seems like her work contains of bright, contrasting tones, and monochromatic color scheme. She makes the pictures look surrealistic pictures and I think that’s cool. What I like about this picture of her work is that the fishes look so real and I like how the orange opposes the blue background. It almost seems like a story like something they can’t control has turns on them. Her work is creative and amazing.

Wassily Kandinsky
Writing Critique : This is one of Wassily Kandinsky work of art and what I think oft it is that I really like his work and I have always wondered how he draws like that and its so creative and I like how he turns all type of shape and figured into a work of art. I heard he had synesthesia which is a sense where color has a sound and I find that interesting. I think he has a great sense of design and a good understanding on color. I think he’s very talented with this type of work. This painting I find very assuming because your eyes just wonder off to all shapes. I like the colors and figures how they’re lapsed on together.


Rule Of Thirds

Shallow Depth of Field

Logo Design

Food Photography

Travel Poster

David Hockney Style Self Portrait Joiner

Star Wars Toy Photography

Vintage Tin Type

Shadow series of 4
Social and Political Issue in Art